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Sexual Dysfunction

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Treatment Options for Sexual Dysfunction

Your sexual dysfunction treatment begins with a thorough and thoughtful assessment by our team of doctors and experts to address any underlying physical or psychological conditions contributing to your sexual dysfunction. Our specialists will then work with you to design a treatment plan that may include one or more of our specialized sexual dysfunction treatments.

Sexual Wellness

Our sexual wellness specialists are experts in the many factors—including the physical changes that come with age—affecting your libido, energy level, and physical comfort during intercourse. Our specialists work closely with you to identify and resolve conditions impacting your sexual wellness, and are experts in Sexual Enhancement injections, which are formulated to increase libido, arousal, and sexual performance.

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Hormone Replacement Therapy

Our hormone replacement therapies rebalance your hormone levels—stabilizing hormonal imbalances that may contribute to issues with sexual desire, arousal, response, and comfort during intercourse.

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Through counseling, therapy, stress management, and coping and relaxation training, our team of counselors equips you with the tools you need to handle stress, anxiety, depression, and emotional upset from past sexual trauma—all psychological factors contributing to sexual dysfunction.  Each of our teletherapy sessions is led by our mental and behavioral health specialists, and is conducted via telemedicine so that you can speak to our certified professionals from the privacy and comfort of your own home.

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IV Infusion Therapy

With our IV infusion therapy treatments, a liquid solution IV drip delivers essential vitamins and minerals directly into your bloodstream. Each infusion of nutrients is tailored to treat conditions—such as stress, anxiety, and fatigue—negatively impacting your sexual wellness. Because IV nutrition therapy bypasses digestion, your cells receive the nutrients they need to replenish deficiencies—fast.

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Our acupuncturists administer very thin micro-needles at strategic points known to stimulate your central nervous system—promoting your physical and emotional wellbeing through the release of “feel good” hormones

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Acoustic Wave Therapy

By promoting the growth of new blood vessels and increasing blood flow to the penis, acoustic wave therapy significantly improves erectile dysfunction, which affects more than 30 million men in the United States alone.

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Understanding Sexual Dysfunction 

Sexual dysfunction describes a set of conditions that cause you to experience persistent and recurrent difficulties with your sexual desire, response, orgasm, or with pain during intercourse. Sexual dysfunction affects men and women of all ages—approximately 43% of women and 31% of men report some degree of sexual dysfunction according to the Cleveland Clinic—though it tends to be more common in people between the ages of 40 and 65 years. Typically, sexual dysfunction falls into four main disorder categories: desire disorders (you may lack any interest in or desire for sex); arousal disorders (you may be unable to become aroused during sexual activity); orgasm disorders (you may experience a delay in or absence of a climaxing orgasm); and pain disorder (you feel pain during intercourse).