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Treatment Options for Shoulder Pain & Injury

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Treatment Options for Shoulder Pain & Injury

Your shoulder pain treatment begins with our team of doctors and specialists creating a complete picture of your health so that we can identify and treat the root cause of your should pain or injury–rather than simply suppressing your symptoms. We’re committed to determining the why behind your shoulder pain–enabling us to deliver you with healing that lasts. Together, we’ll create a tailored plan that may include one or more of our specialized shoulder pain and injury treatments:

Pain Management

Our pain management specialists are committed to identifying the root cause of your shoulder pain or stiffness that could be caused by ligament damage or injury, scar tissue, and degeneration. We work to resolve your pain at its source rather than simply masking your symptoms with traditional pain management medications and treatments. We recognize the complexities of pain, and partner with you to design a customized pain management plan to identify which of our shoulder pain treatments best support your near- and long-term healing.

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Injection Therapy

Our injections are formu