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Treatment for Unexplained
Weight Gain

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Treatment Options for
Unexplained Weight Gain

Unexplained weight gain can be discouraging and confusing–and often have far more complex causes that can not be solved simply by restricting calorie intake and increasing calories burned. Treatment of your weight condition begins with a comprehensive assessment of every factor–both biological and lifestyle-related–influencing your propensity to regulate and lose weight. Then, together, we’ll create a tailored plan that may include one or more of our specialized weight loss treatments:

Medical Weight Loss

Our medical weight loss experts recognize that your weight is impacted not only by diet and exercise, but also by a host of biological factors including genetic composition, age, metabolic and thyroid abnormalities, hormonal imbalances, nutrient malabsorption, and lifestyle influences such as sleep patterns and stress. To get to the root cause of your weight issues, we provide blood, stool, and hormone testing in order to examine and address more hidden weight factors.

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Functional Medicine

Our Functional Medicine specialists thoroughly examine and resolve common, deep-rooted causes of weight gain and inflammation such as nutrient deficiencies, food sensitivities and intolerances, exposure to toxins, imbalances in microbiomes, metabolism function, among many other factors.

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Hormone Replacement Therapy

Our hormone replacement therapies replenish your body with hormones that promote weight loss, boost metabolism, and improve energy levels–resetting your body’s ability to effectively regulate weight.

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IV Infusion Therapy

Our specialty IV infusions help balance your body’s equilibrium, supplement vitamin deficiencies, and boost energy levels—equipping your body to regulate weight.

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Our acupuncture treatments support a balanced production and release of hormones that affect your weight regulation, and promote your physical and emotional wellbeing by stimulating the release of “feel good” hormones.

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Through counseling, therapy, stress management, and coping and relaxation training, our team of counselors equips you with the tools you need to handle emotional distress caused by weight issues. Each of our teletherapy sessions is led by our mental and behavioral health specialists, and is conducted via telemedicine so that you can speak to our certified professionals from the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Understanding Unexplained Weight Gain

Diet and exercise are the most visible factors impacting our weight. A healthy diet includes nutrient-rich foods (e.g., fruits, vegetables, and legumes high in vitamins and minerals) and limits starchy, fatty, and sugary foods; these foods are high in empty calories—calories that do not have any added nutritional value. Although our body burns calories at rest, remaining calories are expended by engaging in exercise and activity. When we expend more calories than we’ve consumed, we create a caloric deficit and lose weight. But, tipping the scales of weight loss is far more complex than a simple computation of caloric intake (diet) minus caloric expenditure (exercise). Several factors—less visible and more elusive than diet and exercise—significantly impact our propensity for weight loss. Metabolism, age, genetics, thyroid dysfunction, nutrient malabsorption, and hormone imbalances impacting fat breakdown and blood sugar levels all influence how our bodies maintain weight—and are often interconnected. Even just one factor alone—such as a lifestyle factor like stress or a lack of sleep—can trigger a negative cycle of habits that perpetuate our weight gain.