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IV Infusion

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Infusion Therapy Can Help a
Variety of Conditions

Hormone Imbalance

Each infusion of nutrients has the potential to improve your specific set of hormone imbalance symptoms—including weight gain, mood swings, hair loss, anxiety, night sweats, sleep disruptions, among other symptoms.

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Depression & Anxiety

Our IV infusion therapies can help balance your body’s equilibrium and supplement vitamin deficiencies that may contribute to depression and anxiety—boosting your energy levels, immune system, and overall well being.

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Headache & Migraines

Our headache and migraine infusions, including our Migraine Extinguisher therapy, provide you with a blend of essential electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants designed to relieve debilitating headache and migraine pain.

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Chronic & Cognitive Fatigue

By rehydrating your body with electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals, our specialized IV infusion treatments are formulated to energize your cells—boosting your mental alertness and focus.

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Athletic Recovery & Performance

Our rehydrating and replenishing athlete IV infusion therapies work quickly to restore your electrolyte and nutrient levels—promoting optimal energy consumption, endurance, healing, and muscle growth, recovery, and repair.

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Thyroid Dysfunction

Our infusion therapies are customized to support and regulate your thyroid disorder symptoms such as weight fluctuations, fatigue, temperature sensitivities, sleep disruptions, nervousness, and anxiety.

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Sexual Dysfunction

With a custom infusion of minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants, our infusion therapies can be formulated to potentially improve your circulation, boost your energy, balance hormone fluctuations, and manage your stress—all factors that can significantly impact your sexual well being.

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About IV Infusion Therapy

IV nutrition therapy delivers essential vitamins and minerals directly into your bloodstream through a liquid solution IV drip. Because IV nutrition therapy bypasses digestion, your cells receive the nutrients they need to replenish deficiencies and boost healing—fast. IV nutrition therapy is far more efficient than taking vitamins orally. Before reaching your bloodstream and cells, an orally-consumed vitamin must go through an extensive and complex digestion process—a process that breaks down the integrity of the vitamin itself. By delivering 100% of each vitamin and mineral directly into your bloodstream, IV nutrition therapy makes it possible for your body to absorb 100% of nutrients. Our IV nutrition therapies are formulated to address your specific wellness needs, and can provide pain and inflammation relief as well as benefit your immune system, healing time, hydration, metabolism, energy level, emotional wellbeing, and the health of your skin, hair, and nails.