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Internal Imbalances & Aging

Our body carefully regulates our hormone levels, but sometimes an imbalance occurs—triggering health issues such as changes in weight, blood pressure, sleep patterns, sex drive, and mood. While imbalances can be caused by serious health conditions, stress, and certain medications, some fluctuations occur as a result of aging. 

Internal Imbalances & Aging Conditions

Hormone Imbalance

Your hormones are your body’s chemical messengers—controlling and managing hundreds of essential functions in your body. Sometimes, your glands produce too much or too little of a hormone—resulting in a hormone imbalance. A hormone imbalance can cause significant changes in how your body functions—triggering a range of health probems and symptoms such as changes in weight, blood pressure, sleep patterns, sex drive, and mood.

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Thyroid Dysfunction

Thyroid dysfunction and disease prevent your thyroid gland from producing the right amount of hormones responsible for many vital bodily functions. Thyroid disorders can stem from a number of factors including genetics, autoimmune disease, inflammation of the thyroid gland, radiation treatments, and certain medications.

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Sexual Dysfunction

Affecting men and women of all ages, sexual dsyfunction encompasses a set of conditions that cause you to experience persistent and recurrent difficulties with your sexual desire, response, orgasm, or with pain during intercourse.

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Unexplained Weight Gain

Unexplained Weight Gain can be discouraging and confusing, and often can’t be resolved by simply restricting calories and increasing exercise. There are many underlying factors—such as nutrient malabsorption, metabolism, genetics, and hormone imbalances—that significantly impact our propensity for weight loss.

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