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Injection Therapies

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Relieve Pain and Inflammation
in Joints and Muscles

To relieve your pain and inflammation, our doctors may recommend therapeutic injections—like trigger point and joint injections—as part of your pain management plan. Trigger points are painful muscle knots that form—especially in your arms, legs, neck, and lower back—when your muscle is unable to relax. These knots can cause pain in other parts of your body. For example, your tension headache may be caused by a trigger point in your neck. Trigger point injections help relax these knots—providing you with pain relief.

Joint injections, another injection therapy, deliver medication into your joints for quick relief of pain and inflammation. By alleviating acute pain, injection therapies make it possible for you to pursue physical medicine treatments—helping your body to bridge the gap from inactivity to physical medicine treatments.

If physical therapy or exercise isn’t relieving chronic pain in your knee joints—which can be caused by osteoporosis breaking down your knee cartilage—you may be a good candidate for Viscosupplementation Therapy. This joint therapy injects a specialized fluid into the knee joint to reduce your pain, decrease inflammation, and improve mobility.

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