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Functional Medicine

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Identify the Root Cause of Your Condition with Functional Medicine

Our holistic, science-based Functional Medicine program ventures below the surface to determine the why behind your health condition. Our doctors and specialists partner with you to lay the groundwork needed to identify and treat the root cause of your health issue—enabling us to treat your condition at its source rather than simply suppressing symptoms. Together, we’ll examine lifestyle, genetics, medical history, and environmental factors impacting your health in order to create a personalized treatment plan and roadmap for optimal health and wellbeing.  

Who Is a Good Candidate
for Functional Medicine

Hormonal Imbalance

Along with illness and age, many lifestyle factors can affect hormone balances. Together, you and your Functional Medicine specialists will thoroughly examine factors that could be contributing to your hormone imbalance, such as stressors, diet, family history, sleep patterns, activity levels, and exposure to toxins. Our providers may also order hormone specific bloodwork to determine where there is an overage or deficiency in your hormone levels.

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Unexplained Weight Gain

Our Functional Medicine specialists recognize that weight gain often has underlying causes that cannot be resolved by simply restricting calories and exercising more. Together, you and your Functional Medicine specialist will thoughtfully examine and resolve common, deep-rooted causes of weight gain and inflammation such as nutrient deficiencies, food sensitivities and intolerances, exposure to toxins, imbalances in microbiomes, metabolism function, among many other factors.

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Thyroid Dysfunction & Hypothyroidism

Our Functional Medicine providers work to resolve your thyroid dysfunction by prescribing specially formulated supplements determined by your bloodwork, as well as, assessing and modifying diet so that it includes nutrients essential to the production and metabolism of thyroid hormones; by identifying and eliminating factors—such as certain foods, toxins, stressors, and disruptions to microbiome—known to trigger thyroid autoimmune disease; and by examining lifestyle choices in order to optimize wellbeing and reduce inflammation-triggering stressors.

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Depression & Anxiety

Our Functional Medicine specialists provide a comprehensive assessment of your health—identifying and eliminating variables such as toxins, stressors, inflammation, metabolism and microbiome imbalances, and other factors known to contribute to depression and anxiety.

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Chronic & Cognitive Fatigue

To identify and resolve the deep-rooted causes of your unrelenting exhaustion and cognitive impairment, our Functional Medicine experts partner with you to assess and eliminate factors known to trigger fatigue such as exposure to toxins, nutrient deficiencies, and microbiome dysfunction.

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Headache & Migraine

Our multifaceted approach to headaches and migraines allows us to get to the deep-rooted causes of your pain, and ensures long-lasting benefits. Our Functional Medicine specialists will identify and resolve any lifestyle and environmental factors causing your headaches or migraines—including food sensitivities and intolerances, nutrient deficiencies, toxins and allergens, sleep disruptions, and microbiome imbalances.

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Athletic Injury

Our Functional Medicine specialists support your accelerated recovery from athletic injury by identifying and addressing inflammation, fatigue triggers, nutrient deficiencies, metabolism and microbiome imbalances, and disruptions to your body’s healing process.

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Our Functional Medicine experts work to improve your arthritis by balancing microbiome, addressing food sensitivities, and eliminating toxins that increase inflammation and can contribute to arthritic joint damage and pain.

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About Functional Medicine

Navigating the complexities of a chronic condition can be overwhelming—with patients facing a vast number of complicated and confusing pathways from diagnosis to resolution. For many years, patients relied on the charted territory of conventional medicine. Diagnoses were made and treatments prescribed based upon observable symptoms, such as pain and fatigue. Simply put, conventional medicine diagnosed and treated what was at the surface. Practitioners treated a patient’s symptoms rather than the cause of those symptoms.

Today, our patients are increasingly turning to the biology-based, scientific approach of Functional Medicine. This holistic field of medicine ventures below the surface to determine a chronic condition’s root cause—the origin from which symptoms stem. To do this, Functional Medicine practitioners work to determine the why behind every condition: Why are you ill? Why are you experiencing this chronic condition? By determining the why, Functional Medicine providers can identify and treat chronic conditions at their sources.

Signs and symptoms of disease stem from causes rooted in foundational factors such as our environment, genetics, and lifestyle. Our Functional Medicine providers partner with you to examine your lifestyle (e.g., stressors, diet, hobbies, activity level, work habits); genetics (e.g., family history, physical and mental conditions); and environment (e.g., exposures to toxins and allergens). To assist in identifying the cause of your health issue, our providers may also utilize bloodwork and lab analysis as well as food sensitivity and genetic testing.