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Sexual Wellness

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Resolve Factors Disrupting
a Fulfilling Sex Life

Our sexual wellness specialists work closely with you to resolve any factors disrupting a fulfilling sex life, such as erectile dysfunction in men and painful intercourse in women. Together, you and your specialist will discuss your goals and any challenges you’re experiencing, and will examine key aspects of your life—from your hormone levels, stress levels, and relationship dynamics to diet, exercise habits, and sleep patterns. Our specialists will create a personalized treatment plan, which may include Acoustic Wave Therapy or our highly specialized Sexual Enhancement Injections, both of which increase libido, arousal, sexual performance, and satisfaction.

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Who is a Good Candidate for Sexual Wellness?

Sexual Dysfunction

Our sexual wellness experts identify and resolve underlying conditions affecting your libido, energy level, physical comfort during intercourse, and performance. Our Acoustic Wave Therapy and Sexual Enhancement Injections work in conjunction to increase libido, arousal, pleasure, and sexual performance—each of which can be diminished by age, disease, medication side effects, erectile dysfunction, and prostate problems.

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Hormone Imbalance

Our sexual wellness specialists and providers work to stabilize hormonal imbalances, such as low testosterone or elevated estrogen levels, that may contribute to issues with sexual desire, arousal, erectile dysfunction, response, and comfort during intercourse.

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About Sexual Wellness

Your sexual wellness is an important piece of your physical and emotional health. While changes in your sexual wellness, performance, and satisfaction can happen at any time, you may experience more disruptions to your sex life with the physical changes—especially hormonal changes—that come with age. Menopause and hormone fluctuations (in both men and women) can impact energy level, libido, performance, and physical comfort during intercourse. Sexual wellness experts examine and address aspects of your life—stressors, diet, relationships—that may be contributing to an unfilling sex life. Our specialists are highly trained, clinical experts in treatments designed to resolve factors disrupting your sex life, such as erectile dysfunction in men and painful intercourse in women. Among the treatments used are Accoustic Wave Therapy and Sexual Enhancement Injections. These treatments work in conjunction to improve libido, sexual arousal, and capacity for orgasm (which, in men, can be compromised by prostate issues and disease such as diabetes); the treatments may also help women who suffer from stress and urinary incontinence.