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Active & Passive Therapies

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Engage in a Mix of Therapies
to Support Recovery

Your injury or condition may benefit from a combination of active and passive therapies. Active therapies are those in which you are an active, engaged participant and are exerting some form of physical effort. Examples of active therapies include range of motion exercises, resistance and strengthening exercises, and stretching. But, if you’re experiencing pain or limited mobility, it may not be possible for you to participate in active therapies. That’s where passive therapies—those therapies that do not require any physical effort from you—come in. Our passive therapies aim to reduce your pain levels so that you can begin participating in active therapies. Common passive therapies offered include ultrasound, electric stimulation, heat/cold packs, and therapeutic massage therapy.

Therapeutic massage involves more focused work on your body’s soft tissues—the muscles, tendons, and ligaments that move and support your body. The targeted massage work reduces pain and inflammation by improving your blood flow and restoring circulation, and may be used to address a wide range of acute or chronic pain issues such as migraines, repetitive stress injuries, whiplash, joint and muscle disorders, lower back pain, and tendonitis.

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