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Regenerative Medicine

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Harness Your Body’s Natural Healing Power

A groundbreaking field, Regenerative Medicine is the practice of replacing, activating, and renewing depleted or damaged tissues and cells within the body. The methodology behind Regenerative Medicine is to not only equip the body to function as it was intended to do, but also to restore tissues and cells that have been damaged or depleted due to aging, injury, or disease. These allograft therapies provide significant tissue support for joints, tendons, ligaments, and other musculoskeletal applications.

Our Cellular Allograft therapies support your body’s own natural, powerful healing capacities in support of tissue repair and regeneration. These therapies inject healthy tissue allograft into damaged joints and tissue areas. The allograft is made up of an impressive array of collagen, cytokines, elastins, and growth factors, which reduce pain and inflammation and support healing and repair of injured tissues. Commonly administered to the knee, neck, spine, and shoulder regions, the allograft also includes large amounts of hyaluronic acid, which lubricates joints and tendons—decreasing pain and restoring your range of motion. By initiating your body’s own robust repair response, tissue allografts encourage long-lasting healing and reconstruction of healthy tissue. 

The allografts used mimic your body’s natural programming for cell function—enabling your cells to easily access the resources they need to heal, correct injuries, replenish deficiencies, and restore equilibrium. Over time, your body naturally produces fewer growth factors for healing and regeneration. These allografts also support and enhance what is known as the Paracrine Effect, a form of cell-to-cell communication in which a cell produces a signal to activate changes and behavior in nearby cells. In addition to joint and soft tissue repair, these allografts have also been utilized to support the body’s antiviral capabilities, aesthetics, hair restoration, and restoration of sexual health. 

As an alternative to Cellular Allograft therapies, our providers also use the Regenerative Medicine therapy to harnesses the repairing capabilities of your own blood cells known for their mighty clotting and healing superpowers. 

Many factors are assessed and considered when determining the appropriate regenerative treatment for your condition or injury.

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