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Integrate With Us

We’re excited you’re considering integrating your practice with Anodyne Pain & Wellness Solutions. When you join Anodyne, you’re joining the Nation’s leading network of healthcare clinics specializing in non-surgical and non-invasive solutions for pain and whole-body wellness. How refreshing would it be to fulfill your dream of taking care of patients without worrying about financial stress, without the burden of making every decision by yourself, and without wondering how to find the time or capacity to grow your practice? Our franchise infrastructure allows you to focus more on patient care and less on practice management. We recognize that a strong provider team needs the support of a strong business model, and that a successful franchise infrastructure maximizes synergy between delivering exceptional patient care and managing clinic operations. Our franchise model is designed to improve your patient outcomes, increase your clinic revenues, and drive your clinic’s growth.

Why Integrate with Anodyne

We’ve outlined 11 of the top reasons to integrate your practice with Anodyne:

Reason 1

A step by step, turnkey system to integrate your practice

Reason 2

Broader service offerings that have been vetted, both for compliance and efficacy, to improve patient outcomes and increase revenues

Reason 3

The right to use the Anodyne name—a leading National healthcare brand

Reason 4

Territory exclusivity

Reason 5

Access to on-going support from Anodyne’s corporate team, whose members have more than 60 years of combined experience in the integrated health field

Reason 6

Exclusive access to Anodyne’s suite of preferred vendors and services, designated Anodyne customer service representatives, and specially contracted Anodyne-only pricing to improve your bottom line

Reason 7

Weekly training sessions on how to efficiently and effectively run your practice, scale your business for growth, and empower your team

Reason 8

A support team to take the guesswork out of business operation decisions

Reason 9

The opportunity for exponential earning ability

Reason 10

Increased annual revenues with additional medical, wellness, functional medicine, and rehabilitation services that align with natural, holistic treatment philosophies

Reason 11

An exit strategy to help plan for retirement when the day comes

Integration Testimonials


“After 23 years of practice, I decided that I wanted to get even better outcomes for my patients. Don’t get me wrong, I was getting great results with chiropractic alone, but I wanted additional options to offer my patient’s, especially those with more complex cases. That’s when I became interested in integrating my practice and adding medical services to complement my chiropractic menu of services. I learned very quickly that it was a difficult task to convert my chiropractic practice to a physical medicine clinic. Frankly, it is not taught in our education as chiropractors. That’s when I found Anodyne. Anodyne Pain & Wellness Solutions is a turnkey program to integrate single-specialty practices and gives you the tools for success. I’ve witnessed many friends attempt to integrate their practices on their own with a lot of stress, frustration, and failure. I no longer have to make every business decision on my own and wonder if I’m making the right decision for my practice and my patient’s. I am proud to be an Anodyne clinic.”

—Dr. Mark A. Pierce, DC, BCAO 4th Generation Chiropractor I Board Certified Atlas Orthogonist Anodyne Clinic Owner

“Almost 9 years later, I have friends that I graduated from chiropractic college with that still struggle financially in practice mostly due to low reimbursement rates for chiropractic and their areas being overly saturated with chiropractic competitors. Because we are an Anodyne clinic, we have no real competitors, even in a large city. There’s no other clinic I know of in our area that offers medical, chiropractic, physical therapy, and functional medicine all under one roof. Our patient’s absolutely love it. What historically would’ve required them to drive to 4 separate doctor’s offices, they can accomplish in one fail swoop at ours. Patient outcomes and satisfaction have increased dramatically and so have our revenues. We tripled our collections and 2020 was one of our best years in practice- even during a global pandemic. Of course, the financial growth is fantastic, but the best part is I get to continue to fulfill my calling as a chiropractic physician while offering new, advanced medical therapies to my patient’s without compromising my chiropractic principles and beliefs. When have you ever heard of the medical world meshing with the chiropractic world? The answer is never. Seeing the two world’s work in perfect unison for the betterment of our patients and their wellbeing is something I’m really grateful to be a part of.”

Dr. Kyle S. Jackson, DC Chiropractor Anodyne Executive Director